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Happy Mothers Day Messages For Someone Like A Mom

Happy Mothers Day Messages

Happy Mothers Day Messages For Someone Like A Mom
Happy Mothers Day Messages

Mothers are special present from God. On Mother’s Day show your love, affection, care, respect, and appreciation as you commemorate one of the important days in their life. Even once in a year, make her feel loved and appreciated. So here we have expressed you Mothers Day Messages for your single mother, stepmother, grandmother, mother-in-law, friends mothers etc.

Hope you like this post you, in which we have provided the huge collections of  Mothers Day messages for all moms. You can share these messages on your social media profile like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Whatsapp, Tumbler and other social websites. 

Mothers Day Messages 
Happy Mothers Day Messages For Someone Like A Mom

  • For me, every day is mother’s day! It feels so good to be at home. 
  • Nothing beats your hug. Love you, Mom.
  • The tales you told and your eloquent bedtime storytelling brings an ear-to-ear smile, even after decades. Love you.
  • Mothers are beautiful and thoughtful and full of life. Thank you for being the perfect mother.
  • Mom, you are my biggest blessing that God gave me.
  • In everything you do, you always do or consider what’s best for your family.
  • Thank you for your selfless love. Happy Mother’s Day.
  • You are not only my Mom but my Best friend, comforter, and adviser.
  • You are the most amazing woman in this world.
  • You are my idol, my world.
  • I just want to tell you how much you mean to me.
  • I love you, mom!
  • Like the bright sunshine,
  • Your love is so divine
  • Your embrace is so heavenly.
  • Your lullabies are sweet symphonies.

  • Your touch is as gentle as the summer breeze.
  • I love you, mom!
  • Even though I’m miles apart, still, I can feel the warmth of your love.
  • I’d imagine your loving hugs when I feel sad and lonely.
  • I wish I’m there to tell you personally how thankful I am that you are my Mom.
  • I must say that I’m a proud daughter to have you in my life.
  • Happy mother’s day, with love.
  • I will always be thankful to God for most precious blessing in the form of Mom.
  • God gave me the best Mom in the world. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • The warmth of Moms is the light of our homes.
  • The smile and the tenderness of your love.
  • Shine amidst the darkest and brightest hours.
  • You are our bright shining star.
  • Every time you are around, We feel safe and sound.
  • Happy mother's day, to the sweetest Mom.
  • I love you, Mom.
  • I may not always say or show it but in my heart, I really do. Happy mothers’ day!
  • Mom, you have filled my life.. with the aroma of your love I feel so blessed to have you I love you Happy Mother’s Day.

Best Happy Mothers Day Messages
Happy Mothers Day Messages For Someone Like A Mom

  • You have given me life you have shown me right from wrong you love is so pure and unconditional I am so lucky to have you in my life wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day.
  • The purest and truest meaning of the word unconditional can only be found in a mother’s Love.
  • May all the love you give to others come back to you on this special day Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.
  • Mother you cared for me when I was small. You did your best and give me your all now that I am grown this is forever true, dearest mother, I Love You.
Mother’s love is incomparable
Mother’s devotion is unique
Mother’s care is inimitable
Mothers are irreplaceable
And no one can ever replace you in my heart
For you are the best Mom
Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Mother’s love is something we keep locked deep in our hearts, ways knowing it will be there to comfort us… Happy Mother’s Day…
  • Words are never enough to thank you for all that you so. Happy Mother’s Day.
  • You are a great sister and a wonderful mother too. Happy Mother’s Day.
  • Happy Mothers Day to all mothers out there whether you are the past, present or soon to be moms. May your day filled with love, joy, and laughter
Mother is a part of God.
Mother is a part of Love.
Mother is a part of our Strength.
Mother is a part of our Winning.
Mother is a part of who direct us to the right path to proceed.
and ..and on..
I Love my Mother very much…..
  • Don’t let ur Mother get away from u…. Happy Mother’s Day
  • I love my mother yes I do, for she is the one that has been there too! I love my mother yes I do. For if I had no mother like the one I do, I would be lonely, clueless, as well as you. I love my mother yes I do for she is the one that taught me too. So HAPPY MOTHERS DAY FOR ALL OF THOSE MOTHERS OUT THERE TOO!
  • I would like to take this chance to greet my mom a Happy Mother’s Day as I won’t be there with my family this coming May! My silence for a while doesn’t mean that I don’t care. But God knows how grateful I am because you raised us, three kids, very well. Greetings all the way from Vancouver!
  • Thanks for putting up with me all these years. Only a mother could do what you do.  Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Society couldn’t exist without moms. So we all owe our mothers a lot.
  • Happy Mother’s Day, to a loving, selfless, hard working mom.
  • Even though my words will never do justice in thanking you for the great contribution you made in my life, I want you to know I have a deep sense of gratitude for you. The older I get the more reasons I realize that you have been and continue to be a great mother.
  • Mom…. You’re the best! Thanks for all you do. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Thank you for always being there, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Because of you, I am me. Happy Mothers Day!
  • Wishing you a fabulous Mother’s day! You’re the best mom I could have asked for.
  • Wishing you a very special mothers day. Thank you for always being there for me!
  • Happy Mothers Day to the greatest mom I could ever have asked for.
  • May your Mother’s Day be filled with as much happiness as you brought to my childhood.
  • Mom, I love you! Thanks for everything you have given me, or will give me. You will never know how much I love you.
  • God, I pray tonight please give me a dream to take me to heaven to greet, hug and kiss my grandmother a happy mothers day. Miss you very much nanny Purring.
  • My mummy, Learned love from you
  • when required you hugged me and loved me.
  • Your ears always listened to the voice of my heart.
  • You always realized and gave me your shoulder to weep and to laugh.
  • Caught me by hands when I was falling.
  • Oh!mother, you are great next to Almighty.
  • But for me, you are in a deep corner of my heart.
  • Mothers like a ray of sunshine.
    Happy Mothers Day Messages For Someone Like A Mom
  • Whose heart is just pure gold?
  • A mother beams with happiness that’ll never grow old.
  • She’ll stay in my heart forever As if she were inside.
We’ve shared so many things,
We laughed, we smiled, we cried.
I love my mother very much
and still throughout the years
We share the mother-daughter love,
and always when I fear,
I know I’ll always have my mother
somewhere very near!
  • Thanks for giving me the best things in life: Your love, your care, and your cooking. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Mom, my silence for a while doesn’t really mean I don’t care.God knows how much I do..and how grateful I am because you raise me well.Thank you so much, mom! I love you.
  • Happy Mothers Day, Mommy, you are the best mom I ever was known and I will keep saying this you need the award for being the best mom in the world.
  • I love my Mother a lot and I know she loves me too whatever the child is, my Mom is Best in the whole world.
  • We may have fights, but you will always be my mother. I would like you to know I love You and I hope you have the Best Mother’s Day yet.
  • You know I would have realized how fortunate I am to have a mother like you. I am so grateful and blessed for having a special mom who is always there for me. I appreciate you a lot. Happy Mother’s Day…
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  • My Mummy is as nice as a sweet.
  • She’s as pretty as a flower.
  • She’s as wise as an owl.
  • She’s as fast as a tiger.
  • She can dance like the wind and can even sing a little.
  • But one thing is for sure. I love her and I always will!
A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us;
When adversity takes the place of prosperity;
When friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us;
When troubles thicken around us;
Still, she will cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.
Today is one special day of year,
Let’s celebrate!
Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Happy Mother’s Day to you. Thanks for bringing me to school not late.
  • No barriers ever stopped you from giving your 100% to our home. Happy Mother’s Day to the mother of our home!
    Happy Mothers Day Messages For Someone Like A Mom
Happy Mothers Day messages for mom
Someone, a wish is a perfect way to express something you want to say in an elegant or witty way. These are some hard picked wishes you can write in your mom’s Mother’s Day Wishes.
Wish you all very Happy Mother’s Day.
  • You are the greatest gift from the heavens mother, filled with love and care for all your children and the entire family.
  • Your smile brightens each day just as the morning rays shines on the hills and it’s with doubt that this gives us the courage to face the new day with joy.
  • It’s my time to know you that how fortunate and special I am to be blessed with a mother as caring, loving as you. Wish you a happy Mother’s Day Mom.
  • I believe in love at the first sight for you are the first person I saw when I opened my eyes and have loved you since that day dear mom.
  • Mom, you’ve always been there for me. There’s no way I could ever fully express my gratitude for all you’ve done for me. I love you! Happy Mother’s Day.
  • With zeal and courage, you have brought and fought for us that we can share in love bound with togetherness. You are so special to us mother.
  • As many as the stars in the sky, so do I have as many regards to the woman who brought me to this world, happy mother’s day!
To a mom who’s thoughtful, loving, and kind,
I’m so thankful for the ties that bind
Our hearts together in tender love.
Happy Mother’s Day you’re a gift from above!
  • I just want you to know how special and fortunate I find myself to be blessed with a mother as loving, caring and wonderful as you.

Famous Happy Mothers day messages

  • Mother Goose, Ma Barker, Mother Theresa — of all the mothers that ever lived, you’re the “Mothers.” Happy Mom’s Day!
  • Your love mother runs like a stream down from the hills, refreshes us and fills our hearts with joy, we cherish you so much, mother.
  • In your arms, you held us. Little did we know but you have given us the greatest treasure that will never fade in our heart and that’s your love.
  • A mother’s spell remains the strongest and the healthiest, we have learned how to love and care.
  • You are my friend, my spirit, my influence towards success. There is no replacement for you. 
  • You are the best and will be best forever. Wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day.
M is for Marvelous
O is for Open
T is for Trustworthy
H is for Honest
E is for Elegant
R is for Reliable
Happy Mother’s Day! I love you!
  • Thanks for always helping me to remember what is important in life… and today it is you! You are the best! Wish You A Happy Mother’s Day.
  • Dear mother, you have shown me true love without a measure, in your arms, I find my safest haven that shelters me whenever the storms rise beyond ability.
A mom like you I could never replace.
Your actions and words are full of such grace.
You’re truly a treasure, so I’m writing to say
I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day!
I love you, Mom!
  • You are the best friend and best mother ever. Mommy, you are the serious gift to me. Wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day.
  • In my whole life, I haven’t met a lady as elegant, beautiful and lovely as you. I love lots mommy. Wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day.
  • Our dear and well- beloved mom, you children, and grandchildren wish you never to grow old, never to get sick and to stay always so kind, gentle and cheerful!
  • Dear mom, be always healthy and sweet, good joyful and unique, forever cherished and loved forever!
    Happy Mothers Day Messages For Someone Like A Mom
  • We shall forever praise the woman by whom we were raised!
  • My sweetest, kindest and dearest mom, be always happy and always fun!
  • Our clever, sweet and nicest mom, we owe you our best thanks for your warmth and kindness. There is no mom like you!
  • Dearest mom, may Lord bless you with health, long life and a lot of happiness. We’ll take care about the last one.
  • The most charming and the most beautiful mother of ours, we can’t give you the world but we give you all our love and appreciation.
  • My dear, my only mom, I am so lucky to have your wonderful heart and powerful love!
  • Our gentle and caring mom, we wish you to stay with us as long as possible and to warm our souls with your irresistible smile.
  • My pretty mummy, my mother dear, be healthy and happy, every year!
  • I want so much your hand to hold, my dearest mother, the best in the world.
  • I thank God that you are with me, you always have been, you always will be!
  • You gave us your warmth and now we wish you many happy days and let our love, smiles, and attention warm you forever!

Mothers Day Messages From Son/Daughter
Happy Mothers Day Messages For Someone Like A Mom

  • Years cannot control the beauty of your soul, my dearest, dearest mom!
  • Dear mom – our best and most reliable support, you are our happiness, you are our port!
  • I want to give you all the beautiful roses in the world, I want to give you the Sun and all its warmth.
  • I bow to you, my dearest mom for sleepless nights, for being calm, for all the wrinkles on your face, for all your fights, for all your grace.
  • For all your care and understanding, we thank you all, we thank you all!
  • Your love, dear mom, is a sacred treasure, there are no boundaries for it, there is no measure!
  • Sometimes we don’t know what to do, but we are so lucky, mom, that we have you!
  • Mum, thank you for your golden heart, for being good, and kind, and smart!
  • Happy Mother’s day, my dearest mom, and thank you so much that you have blessed my life!
  • To thank you, mummy, is very hard but thanks a lot for being my guard!
  • My sweetest mummy, for you I pray, be very happy and not only today!
  • My prettiest, kindest, my mummy dear, I couldn’t find the right words for you even in Shakespeare!
  • I ask myself a question tough: what can I say to thank you enough?
  • My kindest mummy, there is no man on earth nearer and dearer than you, there is no love stronger and greater than yours!
  • My sweetest mummy, my dearest friend, my love for you will never end!
  • My love for you, mom, is endless desert, your love for me is priceless present.
  • I wish you, dear mummy, to be always kind, to be always happy and young in mind.
  • Thank you for loving me, teaching me, encouraging me, and raising me. You’ve worked hard!
  • Thank you! Those are the two words that best describe what I want to say to you. You deserve to be appreciated every day, not just on Mother’s day.
  • Moms like you are priceless. You have been such an amazing influence on me since I was born. Thanks for your guidance.
  • You are a blessing to many people, but I am especially grateful for the amazing work you have done being my mom.
  • I am one of the luckiest kids in the world because I got you as my mom.
  • You are a wonderful, patient, caring, amazing mom. Thanks for everything!
  • Mom, I can’t begin to thank you for all the things you have done for me. You have supported and encouraged me throughout my entire life. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Happy Mother’s Day, to the greatest mom I could want!
  • God has blessed me with an awesome mother. Even though I know you are not perfect, I haven’t been either. Thanks for all you have done.
  • Mom, you have protected me, taught me, encouraged me, and accepted me the way I am. You are more than just mom to me. Happy Mother’s Day!